February 4, 2021

Translator suffering from back and neck pain? Get stronger!

I have seen many translators complaining about having back or neck pain. Finding a translator suffering from back and neck pain is not unusual. And I can relate to that. We spend tons of hours sitting in front of the computer. Some days, if we are more stressed, we feel that those muscles in the neck and the back get tighter, and we go to bed hoping that they will relax overnight.

Some of us buy ergonomic chairs or desks to make the day more comfortable while others go to the physiotherapist.

I love sports, especially boxing, kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. They make me work hard and push myself to my limits. After 6 years of training, I thought I was fit enough. But that wasn't true because I still suffered from neck and back pain.

The pandemic forced me to find out different ways to do my workouts at home, so I modified the exercises a bit and added mobility, stretching and kettlebells on top of that. Result? No more back or neck pain. My back is stronger and better aligned. I do not have to worry any more about that.

What I mean is that we, translators, need to take care of our bodies. That does not mean buying a lot of expensive stuff. They help, indeed, but they also can hide any underlying problem you may have. 

So what is the solution? Get professional advice or find a stretching or mobility routine. Do something before it is too late.

You can do a short stretching routine of 5 minutes once every hour or a longer one if you prefer. But please, take care of your body and make it stronger.

Note: If you are a translator and need a stretching or mobility routine, drop me a line. I will be glad to help.

You can find some examples of the movements I do on my Instagram profile:
They actually help!

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